Stories are meant to be told, seen and heard.
  • Natascha Adventure continues

    Natascha – We have a new partner!
    Hilton Hotel is charmed by our film and would like to contribute to this project by providing accommodations of our cast and crew at various film locations. In Russia we will film in Rostov and Moscow, we will also film some parts in cities of Czech Republic and Germany. Currently we are looking at possibilities to make our film as environmentally friendly as possible. And as additional dimension for our viewers in the theaters, we will add different scents. People will be able to smell the scenes – a whole new experience of film!


    What’s New


    "Natascha" Weekly update

    On december 27th Djoemilla passed away unexpected. She was of great value to us and she still will be a great inspiration to us.


    "Наташа" Еженедельное обновление

    Проект развивается на полной скорости так что пора расширить нашу команду кинопродукции и искать новый офис. На прошлой неделе мы наняли двух коллег по кинопродукции и в течение следующих нескольких недель мы встретимся с нашими новыми потенциальными партнерами. Мы поделимся с вами последней информацией как тоьлко больше будет известно.

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    Let us dream together

    Nivadi Productions is always looking for dreamers and passionate creative minds that seek a way to express their cinematic creativity.

  • Our Vision

    About Us

    Stories are meant to be told, seen and heard.

    Welcome to the official Nivadi Productions website.

    Defined by a unique way of storytelling and simulating breath taking life like experiences, Nivadi Productions pushes itself and its partners to dream as big as possible to achieve the very best there is to create.
    Driven by passion, creativity and above all, the love for making motion pictures, Nivadi Productions always strives to grab hold of its audience only to let go when the ending credits have all but passed the screen. Stories are taken beyond the point of being 'merely movies' since we, as a company, believe every project deserves our dedication to the fullest extend in order to successfully evolve from a dream to a cinematic experience.

    Besides our own projects, Nivadi Productions also specializes in providing upcoming filmmakers with fresh ideas or the possibility to further develop themselves on one of our projects. We believe the future of filmmaking lies in the dreams and passions of the few who share this true and honest dedication. Only to offer an unrivaled experience where the story is told by film.


    "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."
    - John Lennon

    If you want something, you will find a possibility.
    If you do not want it, you find a reason"
    - Unknown
  • Current Projects

    NATASCHA (2013-14)

    'All alone, In a place that no one knows about, In a country that I know nothing of'.
    - Natascha

    Our current main project. We translated a diary of a Russian woman where she describes her years during the second world war.

    Produced by : Nivadi Productions
    Current budget : 1.209.000 euros
    Distribution countries : Russia,(Netherlands)
    Current stage : Preproduction

    Anna & Sophie (estimated 2015)

    Anna & Sophie Produced by : Ram Entertainment & Nivadi Productions
    Estimated budget : 950.000 euros
    Current stage : Synopsis being made

    More information coming soon.

    GIFT FROM HELL (estimated 2014)

    Gift from Hell – A psychological thriller produced by Nivadi Productions and written by Cengiz Cam, author of the best selling book in Turkey 'Sivil Kurtulus'.

    Produced by : Nivadi Productions
    Current budget : Unknown
    Current stage : Finalizing script

    More information coming soon.

  • About our partners


    Production company of Dutch director Jacco Groen, known for 'Lilet Never Happened' (2012). This movie has been nominated for the Grand Prix at the Warsaw International Filmfestival 2012.

    Kemna Casting

    Kemna Casting is not specialised in a certain genre. They cast major public films and specific art house productions, daily television series and quality television drama, sponsored and non-sponsored theatre productions and everything in between. They are our partners for the casting of Natascha

    Kox & Ramak

    Kox & Ramak Music Sound Studio specialize in producing soundtracks for film and documentary. They also produce music for television commercials and professional horse teaching. With a keen sense for what every client desires, Kox & Ramak always finds a creative and daring way to deliver exactly what you have in mind.

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    Nivadi Productions

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    3818 KG


    "If you do good work, it will get shared."
    - Unknown


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    Young Animator makes it to L.A.

    R´ha [short movie] from Kaleb Lechowski on Vimeo.

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